Please help us support grassroots health advocate organizers in Bethlehem, Palestine as they work to address the prevalent healthcare needs of Palestinian refugees living in the Aida and Al-Azza Camps.

Health4Palestine is a community health worker program being supported by grassroots organizations, 1for3 and the Lajee Center. These organizations are attempting to expand the community health worker services and increase access to healthcare for the documented growing chronic health needs as well as mental health care  needs of the community that are a result of ongoing trauma. 

This fundraising initiative is being led by a coalition of Philadelphia based organizations, who support the liberation and humanity of Palestinians and who are working to support the expansion of this community health worker program. All monetary contributions will go directly to increasing the number of Palestinians living in the Aida and Al-Azza camp to have access to the community health workers employed with Health4Palestine. 

Right now US funding to Palestinian aid organizations through the United Nations Relief and Works Agency has been eliminated and such neglect exacerbates the already dire lack of healthcare facilities in  the West Bank and Gaza. Together we can help bring awareness and pressure to the US and the UN to adequately fund necessary and just healthcare infrastructure in all of Palestine.  

Make a contribution directly to the organizers here here.