Help Bring Grassroots Community Aid to the Unhoused

Update: Community Aid Efforts Continue to Grow!

With the help of your contributions, the number of individuals bringing community aid to the unhoused in New Orleans and Berkeley continues to grow, and teams are now handing out daily meals accompanied by a doctor.

We want to keep these teams supplied with food and personal protective equipment as long as possible, so we are asking you to help us raise an additional $3000.

While this unprecedented crisis has left many of us living more precariously than ever, the Trump administration’s relief package has privileged the needs of businesses over the most vulnerable. Will you join us in redistributing risk and resources during this time of crisis by contributing a portion of your stimulus check?

By sharing part of your check with unhoused communities, you will be reaching many who did not get checks but need support most.

Help us reach our new goal of $3000!