Khaled Bakrawi Center

This is a US based project, led by Nadya Tannous: the Khaled Bakrawi Center. The Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM) has partnered with Islah to run its first community center in the US. The Khaled Bakrawi Center, in San Diego, CA, is a space for Arab immigrant and refugee youth.

The PYM has been supporting refugee youth from Syria for the last two years in San Diego, and will now run programs for the youth within the newly established center. Programs include English learning activities, tutoring, computer coding classes, sports activities, educational field trips, and other educational enrichment initiatives.

In addition, the Syrian Council, a collaborative initiative between PYM and the Syrian community, is an organizing body for recently arrived Syrians in San Diego. Its members are working to connect people with critical services and communicating the needs of families to the broader community. The Syrian Council will also work out of the Khaled Bakrawi Center to organize and hold meetings and workshops.

Help up us support the Khaled Bakrawi Center! Syrian families have lost everything as a direct result of US foreign policy. Your reparations funding will go towards purchasing furniture, computers, and supplies for enrichment activities to supplement resources lost by those who attend the center’s activities.