Join us in supporting the work of Jasmine and Haben who are distributing food to the homeless in New Orleans and Berkeley!

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We live in a country that is willing to stockpile weapons for future wars, but cannot protect domestic workers, healthcare providers, and the most vulnerable. These are the wrong values. We need to redistribute risk and resources immediately. But while we push for better policies, we live in the world we make with our own hands.

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Meet our friends Jasmine and Haben. They’re taking the lead to by organizing and distributing food to New Orleans and Berkeley’s homeless. They each need about $100 a day to meet the needs of their community. Jasmine tells us that, “We fed 50 people and were outside only fifteen minutes. One unhoused person, half his body paralyzed, said he didn’t know how he would eat otherwise.”

The homeless are particularly vulnerable right now, and have been left out of the new stimulus bill. Many do not get updates about coronavirus; they have fewer places to use the bathroom now that businesses are closing; they can’t rely on loose change from pedestrians as cities shut down; they can’t scavenge for discarded food from trash bins; many suffer from traumatic brain injuries and may not comprehend the changes around them. 

Help us raise $1400 to keep Jasmine and Haben supplied for the next week by making a donation.